project information: 

Customer / Enduser:
Installation site:
Bergneustadt, Germany
Type of parts:
Auto body structures
Dimensions, parts (LxWxH):
max. 550 x 700 x1700 mm
Weight of part (load weight):
max. 20 kg per wagon
Dimensions, load jig (LxWxH):
max. 550 x 700 x 1700 mm
Weight, load jig (including part):
max. 30 kg
Cycle time:
ca. 60 seconds - unloading
ca. 120 seconds - loading - robot
Conveyor speed:
6,0 m/min, Power & Free, variable
Throughput per hour:
60 parts
Loading - unloading, parts:
- manual unloading in stop position
- automatic unloading in stop position

Conveyor system data:
P&F400 -
Power & Free overhead conveyor
Chain type:
cardan chain

Wagon design:
8-wheeled trolley
Lenght, load bar:
700 mm

System length, total:
98 m.

Auto parts, interior images: 
Metalsa - Caldan P&F400, Power & Free overhead conveyor
Metalsa - Caldan P&F400, Power & Free overhead conveyor