project information: 

Customer/ end user:
M&S Automotive Coatings Limited
Country / area of installation:
UK / Boldon
Product to be transported:
Plastic automotive components
Dimensions of products (L x W x H):
max. 1,100 x 800 x 1,000 mm
Weight of products, max:
30 kg
Conveyor speed, process area:
1.62 m/min or stop/go
Capacity required:
60 loads / hour
Loading and unloading of products:

Conveyor system - data:
Type: HD100 -
Single Line floor conveyor
Chain type:
Cardan chain
Wagon / component pitch:
1,620 mm

System length, total:
123 m.

System overview & description:
The Caldan HD100 floor conveyor system is
installed to carry customer jigs and product
around an automated painting process.

Auto parts, interior images: 
FM Coatings - HD100, Single Line floor conveyor
FM Coatings - HD100, Single Line floor conveyor