project information: 

Customer / end user:
VitreRom S.R.L
Installation site location:
Type of parts to be handled:
Various plastic parts for the automotive industry
Dimensions of parts (l x w x h):
max. 200 x 200 x 400 mm
Weight of parts HD100 / S200:
max. 50 kg per wagon / per hanger
Cycle time:
1 min.
Conveyor speed:
4,8 m/min
Loading and unloading of the parts:
- HD100 - manually in a stop-position
- Single Line - via robot
Rotation type:
180 ° with fixation

Data - conveyor systems:
Type 1)
Single line overhead conveyors:
- washing tunnel
- oven
Types of chain:
Cardan chains

Type 2)
HD100 - Single Line floor conveyor
Type of chain:
Cardan chain

Wagon design:
4-wheeled wagon

System length, total:
32 + 56 m. (single lines) + 119 m. (HD100)

Auto parts, interior images: 
VitreRom - Caldan HD100, Single line floor conveyor
VitreRom - Caldan HD100, Single line floor conveyor