project information: 

End user:
SMR PLUS, s.r.o.
Installation site location:
Czech Republic
Type of parts to be handled:
metal pallets for the automotive industry
Dimensions of parts (l x w x h):
max. 2100 x 1500 x 2500 mm
Weight of parts:
max. 400 kg per wagon / turning device.
Overall cycle time (transport + handling time):
11 min. per wagon
Conveyor speed:
• 1,0 - 1,7 m/min, process areas, variable, powder booth
• 6,0 m/min, Power & Free, variable
Operational capacity per hour:
5 - 6 wagons
Loading and unloading of parts:
manually in stop-position
Rotation type:
motorized during standstill
Areas where rotation is required:
Blasting machine
Process temperatures:
max. 220°C

P&F400 - Power & Free overhead conveyor
Type of chain:
Cardan chain
Wagon design:
12-wheeled wagon
Length of load bar:
2100 mm
Turning device:
0° and 180° lockable

110 m.

Auto parts, interior images: 
SMR Plus, CALDAN P&F400, Power & Free overhead conveyor
SMR Plus, CALDAN P&F400, Power & Free overhead conveyor