project information: 

Customer / end user:
Eimo Oyj
Country / area of installation:
Hollola, Finland
Product to be transported:
Mobile telephones
Dimensions of products (d x h) max:
ø 140 x 200 mm 
Weight of products, max:
200 g 
Cycle time (process & transport time), total:
6,0 sek.
Conveyor speed (avarage / max):
2,75 / 8,0 m/min 
Capacity, waggons:
611 waggons / hour 
Loading and unloading of products:

Conveyor system - data: 
LD -
Single line floor conveyor
Chain type:
cardan chain
Waggon type:
Mounted directly on the chain -
including 4 pcs. guide bearings
and non friction guide system

System length, total:
80 m.

Auto parts, interior images: 
Eimo Oyj - LD, Single Line floor conveyor
Eimo Oyj - LD, Single Line floor conveyor