project information: 

Customer / end user:
Installation site location:
Randers, Denmark
Type of parts to be handled:
space frame cabs for industrial,
agricultural & forestry vehicles
Dimensions of parts (l x w x h):
max. 3.000 x 2.000 x 2.500 mm
Weight of parts:
max. 1.000 kg per wagon
Cycle time:
12 min / wagon
Conveyor speed:
6 m/min, fixed
Operational capacity per hour:
5 parts
Loading and un loading of the parts:
manually, in a stop-position
Surrounding temperatures:
220°C max

Conveyor system data:
P&F400 -
Power & Free overhead conveyor
Type of chain:
Cardan chain
Chain pitch:
270 mm

Wagon design:
Length of load bar:
3.000 mm
Accumulation distance:
inline - 3300 mm

System length, total:
161 m.

Auto parts, interior images: 
Bosal-Sekura - P&F400, Power & Free overhead conveyor
Bosal-Sekura - P&F400, Power & Free overhead conveyor