CALDAN Conveyor - state-of-the-art production facilities


state-of-the-art production


Modern production facilities counting more than 5.000 m2 ensure an efficient manufacturing of innovative quality products. Employing the latest design and manufacturing techniques we ensure that all our conveyor systems meet the highest quality standards possible also ensuring that we meet and wherever possible exceed any legislative requirements with respect to safety standards etc.

Product development:

As manufacturing processes develop so does the need for more advanced manufacturing equipment. At CALDAN Conveyor we have a large focus on product development with an in house R&D section constantly developing and improving the systems we offer.

We listen very closely to customer requirements and work with them to develop the systems that they need. Before any product is offered to the market place it is fully tested in house to ensure that when our customers press the button, it works reliably and efficiently “first time every time”.

All our systems are developed for the surface finishing industry where aggressive working environments and extremes of temperature are common place. This guarantees that wherever they are used, CALDAN systems will “always perform”.

Testing facilities:

Our production facilities include a dedicated new area for testing and demonstration purposes.

This brings the following advantages for our customers:

• running tests on systems and system innovations round-the-clock
• possible hands-on system experience for the customer
• system testing with customer specific jigs and loads
• working with system functions
• functionality and stability testing

9000 kg load testing of lift station

state-of-the-art production
Modern production facilities at Caldan Conveyor


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