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Caldan Conveyor A/S is a well-established company with 50 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing overhead and floor conveyors within various industries with various handling needs. We have gradually earned our good reputation, and are now one of the leading suppliers of conveyor systems worldwide.

The success of your company is highly influenced by the reliability of our conveyors. We are aware of this responsibility! Through a close cooperation with our customers, the conditions for rational and market oriented product development are established.

We believe in the synergy effect resulting from a partnership with our customers! We have made it our goal and obligation always to deliver high quality overhead and floor conveyor systems at competitive prices. Your guarantee is our experienced team of project engineers and skilled craftsmen!

• Consulting and problem analysis
• Design and production
• Installation and commissioning
• Operator training
• Service and maintenance
• Documentation

1963 - company formed with the name Caljan A/S
1992 - successful MBO of chain conveyor division
from parent company
2000 - opening of purposebuilt 3,000 m²
design & manufacturing centre
2000 - opening of sales & technical office in Germany
2002 - opening of sales & technical office in UK
2004 - extension of 1,000 m² added to
manufacturing centre
2009 - extension of 1,700 m² added to
design & manufacturing centre
2009 - establisment of the service company
Caldan Service GmbH in Germany
2013 - opening of sales & technical office
in Le Mans, France
2015 - establishment of Caldan Conveyor Ltd
in Kirkleatham Business Park, Redcar, UK

caldan conveyor - company introduction

Caldan overhead conveyor in operation
Caldan power & free overhead conveyor in operation

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CALDAN Denmark

Roeddikvej 91
DK-8464 Galten
T. +45 8694 7071
F. +45 8694 7026


209 The Innovation Centre
Vienna Court
Kirkleatham Business Park
Redcar, TS10 5SH
T. +44 1642 271118
F. +45 8694 7026

CALDAN Germany

Frankfurter Str. 7
D-36251 Bad Hersfeld
T. +49 6621 79579 - 0
F. +49 6621 79579 - 59


3 rue Claude Chappe
F-72230, Ruaudin
T. +33 243 246551